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Lessons in FAITH

Yesterday evening, Michael settled the boys down for devotions, while me and Jeli entertained Rain and Riley…attempting not very successfully to create an Origami crane!
Michael taught the boys about FAITH. Then they practiced a little by closing their eyes and falling backward, allowing another boy to catch them.
I heard the laughter from upstairs. They love devotion time before bedtime!
You should remember, these boys came to LAMA trusting no-one. Not their father or mother, not their uncle, certainly not the Police or Social Workers. Not each other. For a long time definitely not us…who they did not know, despite our assurance that they would be safe at LAMA.
One by one they fell backwards, eyes closed into their ‘brothers’ waiting arms, only protesting when it came to Jeran’s turn.. the biggest of our boys!!
Only Rustom began flailing on his way down.
I saw myself in Rustom….who was still caught safely. That afternoon I had asked God, “What God? What do I do?” Expecting to be medicine free, the symptoms had returned and the Dr issued another prescription with the usual warning (for the past few years already) of side effects. The medicine was so expensive…it would cost all our monthly allowance. If I don’t take it I land in the Emergency Department. Yet I am convinced God heals people today. Canon J. John calls it Miracles and Mystery…it is our faith.
A new little boy had arrived yesterday. The community where he lived were threatening to hurt him because of stealing. As we discussed with his father about visits, I watched him fold himself up tightly in a ball on the chair, crying without a sound …all sense of security gone.
He was hardly ‘settled in. ‘”Can I have a go?” he asked Michael. And they watched amazed as he closed his eyes and fell backwards into the arms of someone he had not known before.
I stand in awe of you Magnificent Father God .