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September News (Typhoon Mangkhut)


News update: LIFE AND MORE ABUNDANT MINISTRIES:        September 18, 2018 Dear friends, Thank you for prayer!  You will have seen the recent news about super typhoon Mangkhut which ploughed through Northern Luzon in the Philippines on September 15. I am also watching BBC News, SKY and CNN for updates – having come home to Seaford, […]

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Accomplishment Report 2016

LAMA HOUSE, Pugo, Bauang, La Union. Philippines. Residential Care and Crisis Intervention for boys aged 9 – 19   SEC Reg No: 145571 UK Reg Charity No: 1008940 DSWD Accreditation: Directors: Peter and Lesley Gomez Tel: 072 7051045 AT THE CLOSE OF 2015 Loyalty Awards were awarded to Jose (15 years service) Rico (13 years service) […]

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News March-May 2016

boys with Mic April 2016

LAMA House: Residential Care and Crisis Intervention for boys aged 9 – 19.               UK Registered Charity: 1008940 Dear friends, April and May are the busiest months for LAMA House, with 18 teenage boys at home in the very hot summer months when school is out. Michael organized Zumba classes, a LAMA talent show, basketball and […]

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2015 Accomplishment Report

Accomplishments 2015 Our Report for 2015. I am proud of my team for their accomplishments without me!  

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Street child

Post Image

“…it wasn’t worth sacrificing the relationship so we didn’t mention the missing money. We didn’t realize all that hung in the balance of that gracious decision as he proceeded to take us to a play area near the Catholic monastery to introduce us to his friend. Peering into the darkness, there didn’t seem to be […]

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Lessons in FAITH


LESSONS IN FAITH Yesterday evening, Michael settled the boys down for devotions, while me and Jeli entertained Rain and Riley…attempting not very successfully to create an Origami crane! Michael taught the boys about FAITH. Then they practiced a little by closing their eyes and falling backward, allowing another boy to catch them. I heard the […]

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Jordan’s Birthday

jordans bday 5

Hello Thought you may like to join in the celebrations as we celebrated Jordan’s birthday. He has never had a party for his birthday. We think he may be 11. We are not sure his name is Jordan and don’t know his family name. When he arrived at LAMA House he was very difficult, understandably…confused […]

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roasting corn

The last piece. If there is one pizza slice left in the box. You don’t take it because they might think you’re too greedy, It may never be eaten! We eat lots of different vegetables including their leaves. Okra. Ampalaya. Gabi. Munggo. Dahon ng Sili. Kangkong. Luya. Talong. Sigarillas. Bataw. Patani. An offal stew flavored […]

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Pinoy : Filipino

2011-08-13 19.31.28

We use Po and Opo as a sign of respect in every sentence and every answer Pagmamano, taking the persons hand and lifting it to your forehead,is a common Filipino practice to respect people older than you. A sign you are older! It is Ok to bargain for anything you want to buy. The yellow traffic light means “Go […]

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Prayer for LAMA

pugo river

Prayer for the boys and staff at LAMA House: May the Lord bless you – and keep you – and make His face to shine upon you – and be gracious to you – and give you peace. That’s happy – secure – delighted in – grace – and peace. Everything really!

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