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Monthly Archives: May 2015

No more

father son

What is it like in Heaven? No more sickness, no more hurt or pain, no shame, no darkness, no abusers or users, no haters, no bitterness, no feelings of worthlessness. no abandonment or neglect. Your Kingdom at LAMA as it is in Heaven. Through us Lord.

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Servant King


  What’s on my mind? A servant. Jesus came as our servant – what is THAT!…Jesus my servant? He asked us to be the same to each other. In serving each other we serve Him. How well are we doing? What if we laid it down and did what HE asked of us at a […]

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roasting corn

The last piece. If there is one pizza slice left in the box. You don’t take it because they might think you’re too greedy, It may never be eaten! We eat lots of different vegetables including their leaves. Okra. Ampalaya. Gabi. Munggo. Dahon ng Sili. Kangkong. Luya. Talong. Sigarillas. Bataw. Patani. An offal stew flavored […]

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Pinoy : Filipino

2011-08-13 19.31.28

We use Po and Opo as a sign of respect in every sentence and every answer Pagmamano, taking the persons hand and lifting it to your forehead,is a common Filipino practice to respect people older than you. A sign you are older! It is Ok to bargain for anything you want to buy. The yellow traffic light means “Go […]

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Prayer for LAMA

pugo river

Prayer for the boys and staff at LAMA House: May the Lord bless you – and keep you – and make His face to shine upon you – and be gracious to you – and give you peace. That’s happy – secure – delighted in – grace – and peace. Everything really!

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Water supply for the poor

the village well

Pete has been digging wells for the squatter village on the beach near LAMA House – more than 35 families here, they had no water supply. We also built a church several years ago, cared for by Pastor Agusto.This community is being transformed out of severe poverty. Next Pete plans to install public toilets – […]

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Something we cannot do

walking in d air

Have you noticed – when GOD wants to do something through someone He looks for a barren womb, a poor widow, a man who stammers, a man who is the least in his family, a woman who is a prostitute, a man who has no strength… He calls us to do something we cannot do […]

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A place for young men with Special Needs

Post Image

The boys were praying in their evening devotions for Tony’s safe return home, after he wandered away over the weekend. Staff had searched far and near when thankfully he was spotted by Fidel, a former LAMA boy now living and working in Urdaneta, a nearby city. He saw Tony in the Plaza and immediately informed […]

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